Hello! I’m Leah, a visual storyteller and content producer, information/graphic designer, art director, and project manager from Natick, MA, USA.
My vibe is bold shapes and colors, playful type, and data – there’s nothing I love more than bringing clarity to research and information through visuals... except maybe my family, tacos, and cats. I’m extremely organized, annoyingly detail-oriented, and a perfectionist by nature. I attempt to balance these tendencies with kind humor, an “in-it-for-the-team” attitude, and a strong teacher/learner mindset.
I tirelessly strive to understand audiences and goals to help craft strategy and message AND my background in print production ensures that my designs aren’t just lovely, they’re hassle-free when they “hit the press”. I produce customer-focused, user-centered projects that are smart, stimulating, economic and results-oriented. 
I have deep experience developing content for and designing brand guidelines, as well as managing assets across multiple brands. I have worked for large and small marketing units, both personally designing as well as guiding other creatives, cross-department relationships, and collaborations with external agencies.
Industries most recently worked for: Healthcare, Biotech, Beauty
References available upon request.
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